Gillian Tunney

El Diablo Headband

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I'm not saying that following along the lines of this shirt will trace out the glyph to summon Abraxis, but I'm not going to test it either. Just wear the shirt and try not to think about it.
Art meets the most versatile of our accessories. This micro knit headband makes it easy to accessorize and adorn your wardrobe with El Diablo printed artwork.


  • 88% polyester 12% spandex performance wear fabric. View information on premium Eco Poly Fabric
  • Quickdry & Easy care
  • UV Resistant fabric helps protect your skin from exposure to UV rays (especially when worn as scarf!)
  • Vibrant fade-proof print
  • Printed and sewn by hand in Montreal, Canada.
  • Precision cut raw edges

Made to last, the fabric won't lose shape and the vibrant prints never fade. Even though we call it a headband, you can wear it as a UV protective scarf or face warmer too! Perfect for working out, staying warm, or as a pop of color to add to any look.